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Our Mission

Our primary goal is to help companies and business owners nationwide save money on energy costs. By accomplishing our primary goal, we help build a residual donation base for charities and other non-profit organizations, using commercial energy as an innovative fundraising platform.

Powering Up: Our Story

As a stay at home mother for years, Jill actively engaged in non-profit work and has always been passionate about helping others, both locally and globally. Prior to founding Power Up for the Cause, Jill was involved with a Dallas-based energy company, and she was able to be a part of this company’s evolution from start-up to becoming a billion dollar company. She truly believes her time here prepared her as a person, leader and business developer, as she was mentored by phenomenal business people with track records of great success.

One such mentor was the vice president of the company, at the time, Scott Lawrence. Scott and Jill initially collaborated on the unique concept of raising money for charity through energy, but originally the program was limited to residential energy. Several years later, Jill began to beta-test what this concept would look like with commercial energy, and if the impact to non-profit donations would be significantly impacted. The idea quickly proved to be successful, and, in 2012, Power Up for the Cause was born. Jill has sought out and teamed up with highly regarded veterans in energy deregulation to insure the most aggressive pricing structures and excellence on back-end customer support. With a long history of success, our team of experts have over 500 years of combined energy experience providing hands-on independent and unbiased energy solutions for our clients. Specialties include: Energy Structuring, Demand Response Management, Sustainable Energy, Grid Connectivity, and Microgrids.

In 2016, Power Up for the Cause expanded our services offering renewable power infrastructure, including wind and solar energy solutions, LED Lighting and installation, fuel and alternate fuel procurement. Our energy partners in each sector are talented business leaders offering a wealth of knowledge and experience.

Jill loves the energy business and is greatly fulfilled by the work she does with her wonderful partners. Presently, Power Up for the Cause supports American Red Cross, Susan G. Komen for the Cure, Paralyzed Veterans of America, The Heart of Neiman Marcus Foundation, Build International Ministries, education scholarships, and more.

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